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Year 2

Hi Year 2, 
It’s very strange that we’re not at school at the moment, isn’t it? 
What have you been doing at home? If you have a notebook please write down all the fun and creative things that you have been doing during this time. You can also take photos and type on the computer. We will share our memories with the class when we return!
We hope you’ve continued to wash your hands, eat fruit and vegetables (even the ones you don’t like) to stay safe and healthy. Remember, it is more important now than ever to have strong, fit bodies during this time! 
Even though we’re not at school our learning will continue, but in a different way. You will continue to have Doodle Maths homework so please log into your account using your USO username and password. Remember to read a little every day. Read to your siblings, pet fish, soft toys and get them to read to you as well! There will also be a timetable that your parents/carers can use to help you organise your day and some activities for you to do at home until we see you all again. 
We miss seeing all your little faces already and am waiting for the day we are all back in the Year 2 classroom together to dance along to our GoNoodles again.  

Sending you many virtual hugs! 
From Miss Cheng, Jodie and Diane