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Year 4

Hello to everyone in Year 4! 

We hope that you are all doing well and finding some time to learn at home.  It doesn’t matter if you are doing very different things to those you usually do at school; learning comes in all shapes and sizes. It would be really good if you continue to read a little (or lots) every single day and continue to learn your times tables.  You have made such a lot of progress with these and knowing them all, off-by-heart, will help you with maths learning this year and beyond. Diane is super proud and is excited to see how many you have learned/how quickly you can recall them when we return to school.

We have also added lots of ideas and resources here to help you with learning - and don’t forget Doodlemaths! 

Try to spend some time exercising but relaxing too - it is important to rest those magnificent brains of your’s ready for when we return to school. You may also want to keep a diary or an ongoing list of your questions about this time - you ask such brilliant questions it would be a shame not to capture some of them.

We are constantly thinking of ways to keep in touch with you and will update this page very soon. Until then, be assured that we miss you very, very much!

Keep safe and keep smiling!

Ms Prevett & Diane T


Update: 31st March – News from Ms Donald!

Kia Ora Year 4!

Miss Donald here, I have returned safely to New Zealand where I am working from home so I hope you will be too!
I will be loading homework onto DoodleMaths so make sure you are still jumping on there every day. 
Continue to read daily, if you can, continue to get signatures in your reading diaries - Diane will be super impressed and I am sure she will have a special treat for you too!

And of course, please continue your times table practice!! You can quickly rule yourselves up a grid and time yourself or use the online resources given out earlier in the year (e.g. Crickweb, j2e Blast) If you know there is a times table you are not super speedy at, practise and revise now. 

For now, you have your homework packs to complete. More will be available soon and you will be updated.

But please also find the time to enjoy family time, playing board games together nicely, being active and learning some household chores would go a long way too!

The school will allow some sharing time when you return so please be prepared to bring some of your work back into school with you. We would just love to see your home learning progress.

Stay home, stay safe and stay clean!

Best Wishes,

Miss Donald and Diane