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Year 4

Hello Year 4,

What a crazy time this is, I am missing seeing your lovely faces around school, but I know you'll be having a good time at home, and doing some learning and helping out at home too.

You can download your workpacks from here if you need learning to do.  Don't forget to use Doodlemaths - yes I'm checking these and assigning you targets on Doodlemaths  - so let me know if you've lost your password!

Also try and do some reading every day - you can read anything you like!  If you've run out of things to read, let me know.  I've suggested - where you can read lots of books online - so let me know how you found this, or if you've any other suggestions for ways to read. Magazines, comics, newspapers also count!

I'm missing hearing from you all, so please send me an email with any news or photos of what you've been learning - these can be cooking, picnics, or your stories, maths or art learning! 

Get in touch please and let me know how you're finding the workpacks so I can make them better for you!  I'm dying to hear your ideas for next week's packs.

Love from Miss Green

PS Miss Donald - also says hi - and I will share your news with her in NZ too!