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Year 5

Hi all, I hope everything is well with you and your families!

I caught up with a few of you the other week when I phoned your homes; it was nice to hear what you had been up to and how you are doing.

I am working with Diane Tye at the moment - we have the year 5 Key worker children but we are in the year three classroom.

We are looking forward to some more of you coming back; we are making plans and getting the class ready for you all as you need to have 2 metres between you all.

You were all sent a letter at the end of last week letting you know that there is a new class email address that allows you to share what work you have been doing so if you have anything you have made or taken a picture of already, why not email me and show me what great things you have created. I look forward to seeing your creation in the near future.

Stay safe; I know some of you are going out to the park now or playing outside. Also remember to stay safe online. Share any concern with your parents or another adult in the family. Be helpful around the house when you’re not working through your learning packs and don’t forget to share :)

Take care.

Ms Schulz